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Montreal, Canada

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Self Care

Self Care

Dedicated to helping preserve the beauty of our Mother earth. We support and hand pick brands that promote self-love, sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible, and definitely do not test on animals.

Palo Relaxing Body Oil




Konjac facial sponge - green tea


Beauty set 7 wipes


Konjac facial sponge - bamboo charcoal


Green jade facial roller

Out of stock

Purifying Face Scrub - Activated Charcoal


Mandarin and Grapefruit Hand Balm


Agave Glove


Bamboo Hair Brush


Ashwagandha + Chill


Body exfoliant Palo


Konjac facial sponge - turmeric


Rose and Geranium Hand Balm


Glowing Skin Face Scrub - Turmeric


Agave Bar Soap Pouch


Herbal Soap - Detox


Balsam, Pine and Cedar Hand Balm

On sale $18.00

Rosemary and Lemon Hand Balm


Roll on, La Love


Float - Dead Sea Salt Soak


Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush

Out of stock

Chamomile and juniper Lotion

On sale $10.00

Sun Mylk-Adaptogenic Tumeric Latte Blend


Dalmatian Jasper Gua sha


ELIXIR. Facial oil 100% Organic


Silk Eye Pillow-Rose Clay


Lip Balm Lemon and Lime

On sale $12.00

Hand and Body wash - Cedarwood