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Montreal, Canada

About Us

Here at LA JAGUAR, we believe in new ways of doing. Let's be honest, we're both a little shopaholics but with time, we found ways to lessen the impact we have on our awesome planet. That's what we're all about: sharing our tips so we, as a community, can make sure the next generations will have a promising future. 

To be extra sure our work goes the right way, we pledge to give part of our profits to at least one nonprofit a month. Yep, we really do care! 

Let's dig deeper in what we believe in:

We like pretty but we like it even more when paired with functionality and respect. We like you, when you feel kind or fierce or both, but one thing's for sure, we want you to feel like you are a part of our community. We'd like for you, your cousin, your mom, and your neighbour to feel included and we really mean it.

We're real humans behind a screen wanting to share with you what really makes our day-to-day easier and more sustainable for mama earth.

Join us, we're savage but we won't bite!





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