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Montreal, Canada

Palo Santo - Essential Oil


The "Sacred Wood" is a tree native to South America, used by the Incas as a purifying incense.
This tree has a very spiritual side but also real benefits for the body and mind.

The lifespan of this tree is from ten to fifteen years, and in order to respect the Peruvian forest law it is after its death that it can be cut down and used. This oil is obtained from the distillation of the Palo Santo tree.


Diffuser use

Put 1-2 drops and let the magic happen.
-Airway decongestant.
-Powerful regulator of the nervous system.
-Cleanses negative energy by attracting love, joy, and all the high vibrations of your surroundings.
-Develops creativity, inspiration, sensuality, and joy.
-Good energy conductor for a deep connection in your yoga, meditation, and reiki practice


For direct use

-By integrating it into a massage with another essential oil and applying it to specific areas, its anti-inflammatory properties relieve muscle pain and arthritis.
-Apply a drop on your hands and breathe it in, it also relieves headaches.

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