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Montreal, Canada

The Calm Meditation Cushion - Shadow


The Calm Meditation Cushion lifts your hips during seated meditation to allow you to sit longer and with greater ease. This slight elevation of your sit bones allows the knees to point downward, softens the hips while bringing length to the spine. The Calm Meditation Cushion is the perfect addition to your home, studio, or zen space. A removable cover for convenient washing, easy carry handle, out of sight, out of mind phone pocket and removable washable cover are some of the features of our take on this essential meditation tool.


Dimensions: 13" diameter x 5.5” height

Weight: 6lbs

Materials: Buckwheat fill, cotton encasing

Made in: Burnaby Canada

Shadow | inspired by a calm and serene dimly lit space - this upholstery style and weight cover is soft to the touch. Dirt and dust are well hidden on this textured cool grey tone.

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